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In-Company Courses

In-Company Courses

Business Communication Skills courses

"SGI has over 50 years experience of providing In-Company English language courses across a broad range of industry sectors here in London, the UK and Overseas. These group courses are especially designed to meet the needs and requirements of companies who"

Key features of all courses

  • Group Tuition - up to maximum 8 participants
  • One day of training = 6 hours
  • Alternative formats available - e.g: 3 blocks of 2 hours; 3 blocks of 4 hours etc
  • Training price: £750 per one day of training

SGI In-Company courses

  • Flexibility - We are flexible and responsive to the greatly varying needs of our clients. Alternative formats are available to clients such as 3 blocks of 2 hours; 3 blocks of 4 hours etc. Overseas clients may wish to book a full week of training. Local London clients may prefer blocks of 2, 3 or 4 hours per week over a number of weeks
  • Tailored focus - Paramount consideration is also given to the specific needs associated with the client's own line of work.
  • Personal Attention - The courses are best suited to groups up to a maximum of 8 participants thus ensuring a high level of personal attention.
  • Preparation - Before a course begins a detailed assessment of the participants’ English language competence is carried out by one of our Academic Managers. This helps determine language learning needs and a precise level of English.
  • Feedback - Another important feature is our system of reporting which ensures the client is kept informed of progress being made by the participants as well as a detailed final report at the conclusion of the training.