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Academic Evening Courses London

Academic Evening Courses London

St George International has a great range of academic evening courses here at the London school, that run throughout the year for those with an Intermediate level or higher. As always, we have small class sizes and experienced well-qualified teachers giving the classes.

The classes available, include preparation courses for the two most popular Cambridge exams, the First Certificate and the Certificate in Advanced English. These courses typically run over a nine week period and culminate in the sitting of the written and spoken exams at a Central London exam centre.

SGI London also offers an evening Academic Writing course, ideal for those people attending, or about to attend,  courses at a college or university here in London, and need to improve their ability to write effective and coherent academic English.

IELTS Evening Course

St George International's IELTS Evening Course runs throughout the year at the London school for those with a good Intermediate level or higher, and can be started on set dates every month,...

Academic English writing course in London

Our Academic English Writing Evening Course in London is for students who intend to study or currently study at a British university or further education college and need to improve their formal...

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