Studying in the UK
  • Academic English Skills Programme

Academic English Skills Programme

The 12 week SGI Academic English Skills course teaches students the skills they require to succeed at a British University. These include:

  • Developing the ability to read selectively and critically
  • Participating in and leading seminars and taking notes in lectures
  • Effective ways of conveying their own opinion
  • How to structure a cohesive piece of academic writing including text and genre analysis
  • How to produce a written critical analysis, with appropriate referencing and use of quotations
  • Avoiding plagiarism

The course is engagingly taught through a stimulating range of topics including: Innovation, Critical Thinking, Culture, Consumer Behaviour, Leadership and many others….. Much use is made of online content such as the inspirational TED Talks….

To discuss the course options and to ask any questions you may have about the Academic Courses, please contact course advisor by using our webform.

  • A personalised, mid/long-term programme of 20 lessons (15 hours) per week
  • Course dates: To be available
  • Afternoon group and private tuition options available if desired.
  • Regular tutorials with your teachers and advice from the Academic Management team
  • B2 minimum course level
  • Also suitable for students who already have a UK University place
  • Advice on university selection and application if required
  • Free self-study workbook and homework club on and use of Study Centre
  • A detailed academic report of your progress at the end of your course

Key Features

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09:15 - 10:45
11:15 - 12:45

Academic English Skills Syllabus: Weeks 1 & 2.



Week 1



TED Talk- Listening to authentic material and using sign-posts to help understand extended pieces of listening

 Lecture: Note-Taking- using symbols and abbreviations to speed up and make your notes more relevant.


Using Examples- using examples to support and explain academic opinions

 Being Caution: using the language of caution to weaken opinions or information that cannot be substantiated


Noun Clauses: the use of nouns is more prominent in academic language that is any other form of written genre  


Planning and Braining storming/ Essay Purpose and Instructions             


 Text Reference

 Deciding with different words-


 Accessing Information

Week 2

Critical Thinking


Lecture:  preparing for a lecture by reading and collection relevant information to help with understanding

TED Talks:  Presenting information: Body movements


Linking words – using linker to connect up sentences as well as supporting ideas. This will help with the cohesion and coherence of the written document


Definite Article


Reader expectations and essay   

Using evidence to support your ideas


Critical Thinking        


Choosing appropriate material


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Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for students who are going to study at a British or English-medium University, giving them the confidence and skills required to succeed.  

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