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Our Under 18 Care Commitment

Our Under 18 Care Commitment

Our care commitment

"On courses at this centre, all 16 and 17 year old students will be treated as adults. Students under 18 will regularly mix with students aged 18 or over in the classroom and during social activities and excursions."

All students at SGI London receive high-quality tuition in the classroom and outstanding support from our staff throughout their experience and, wherever possible, an additional level of care is provided to students under the age of 18.

Enrolling an under 18 student

  • As under 18 year olds are not yet considered adults by UK law, SGI must receive a completed and signed Consent Form for all students under 18 enrolling on an SGI London course.
  • The Under 18 Consent Form will be sent to you at the time we confirm the booking of the course.
  • This form is mandatory and must be completed, signed and dated by a parent / guardian and returned to SGI prior to or at the start of the student’s course.

Transfer service for under 18 students

  • SGI arranges arrival and departure transfers on request.
  • We strongly recommend that all under 18s book the SGI transfer service.
  • An SGI representative will meet the student at the arrival gate of the airport. All our representatives work for contracted taxi firms. They undergo thorough employment checks and will carry ID with them at all times.

Accommodation for students under 18

Homestay Accommodation

  • We have paid special attention to our homestay accommodation service, so families and homes that we and our partner agencies have inspected and selected will provide students with a comfortable and welcoming stay while they are in London.
  • All homestay families used by SGI for under 18s have undergone thorough checks to ensure their suitability.
  • SGI places students who are under 18 with families where other students, hosted by that family, will also be under 18.

Residential Accommodation

  • SGI can arrange residential accommodation for 16 and 17 year old students at a nearby student residence.
  • Students under 18 staying at this residence will regularly mix with students aged 18 or over. Prior to confirming a stay at this residence, SGI must receive the Under 18 Consent Form with the relevant box ticked giving parental/guardian consent for the student to stay at the residence.

Independently-arranged Accommodation

  • If a student under 18 years old is NOT staying in an SGI arranged accommodation, the contact details of where they are staying must be provided on the parental consent form.

Social programme and excursions

Students at SGI London are offered a very full and engaging weekly social programme throughout the year. Some of these events are included in the course fees and any additional payments for optional events and activities are always clearly stated. Please ensure the student has enough funds to cover activities they may wish to join. All social programme events are supervised by SGI staff and there is an additional level of care provided to under 18 year olds. SGI monitors the safety of under 18 students while they are on an SGI activity.

SGI also arranges weekend excursions to cities and places of interest outside London through reputable travel companies. Please note: there is no SGI supervision provided on these excursions and SGI is not responsible for the actions or safety of students while on these excursions.

If you would like an under 18 student to participate on the social programme and excursions, please authorise this on the Under 18 Consent Form. 

Medical care

SGI has First Aid qualified staff available on site, Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30

  • SGI can also help students arrange visits to a dentist or doctor if required.
  • SGI can only seek medical treatment for a student under 18, if we have received a signed Under 18 Consent Form.

Spending money

  • We recommend that students bring a cash card or a credit card to the UK.
  • Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in shops and restaurants in the UK and you can obtain cash with these cards in most banks or at ATMs. 
  • We strongly advise that you do not carry large amounts of cash.


  • Some airlines do not allow under 18s to travel without an adult. As airline policies regarding young travellers change frequently, you must check the current guidelines before booking any flights.
  • Please book flights in good time to ensure that under 18s will not travel at unacceptable times, for example, very late at night.

Useful link

British Council guide: Safety First