Studying in the UK

Learn English - Like Chocolate - Love London

Learn English - Like Chocolate - Love London

Enjoy Spring in London with an Easter break at SGI

"Now is the perfect time to start planning for spring. We are bursting with fresh ideas, offers and chocolate! FREE chocolate available on Easter Monday! Now you can really look forward to your study days in London!"

You are learning English, aren't you? 

Well, everybody who wants a better career, access to higher education or wants to travel has to learn English, don't they? Even advanced speakers of English still learn new words and phrases from natives that they have never heard before. It's a highly rich language that you can always keep learning.


You like chocolate, right?

Who doesn't?


You love London

The world's greatest city has everything you could ever want. Plus, it has more stuff that you didn't even think about!  :)

The capital of cool is waiting for your arrival and Spring always has a positive atmosphere as the winter jackets come off and everyone puts on their sunglasses for the first time in the year!



Book any English course that starts on Easter Monday (6th April 2015) and on your first day, you will receive a free chocolate Easter Egg to start your week off with a great big smile.

After classes finish every day, you can join our super special Student Social Programme around the highlights of London. You will really get the most out of your language study trip. Remember that you can sleep when you get back home!  :)


Things to do - Easter in the London city: check out full events listing for all the info.