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Welcome to the first SGI Student Podcast! It was created by six students in the upper intermediate 1 class on Friday 9th December 2011 as a pilot show for the SGI blog.

Rina Naito
Fabiano Barreiros
Benedicte Bousson
Donata Cavallini
Louis Perron
Pavel Stankevich
Edilson Magalhaes

(Produced by teacher, Neil Coyle)

SGI Student Podcast

It is a selection of ideas gathered by students themselves over five days. “We made it for anyone who is interested in our classes, as an exercise to learn English and a souvenir to show our friends and family.”

There are 7 parts:

  • Recommendations in London
  • Interview with an interesting SGI student
  • A translated joke from Russia
  • Strange UK
  • Grammar in under two minutes “used to
  • The news
  • “Call my Slang”, a game show involving colloquial phrases

Please let us know your feelings about this podcast so that the next students can improve on it (if possible). :)

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