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R&R 10: Stereotypes of the English - Natural Chat

English native-speaker teachers having a natural discussion about general stereotypes of the British.  In this 'Real and Relevant English Conversation' podcast, you've got Melissa Humphreys and Bren Brennan. They have known each other for a long time, so that's why the conversation is quite lively and jokey :)

In English textbooks, recordings often sound false because they are recorded with actors in studios - very unnatural. You will be able to hear the difference straightaway with this podcast, as it's just two friends having a chat in completely natural English.    


Pod Subject: Stereotypes of the English

Pod People: Melissa Humphrys & Bren Brennan


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3. Shakespeare, my hero

4. Things you miss about England

5. Books & literature

6. Best food ever  


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If you want to improve your English vocabulary & listening skills and you don't interact too often with native speakers, this is a fantastic way to hear real English as it is spoken nowadays in the UK.    

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