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Which is the best place to eat near the school?

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Fitzrovia is the district immediately north of Oxford Street which is where SGI London is located (just 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube).

There are LOTS of places to grab some lunch in this area as soon as morning lessons have finished because it is an office/media district and there are thousands of people who are dying for something to eat come midday.

So, the difficult thing can be choosing WHERE to eat. But fear not, because here is SGI's top recommendation for filling up a huge appetite: HONEST BURGERS in Great Titchfield Street.

This groovy little burger bar is only 2 minutes walk from the school's front door and you will be glad it is.

This is probably the best burger available in London! Everything on the menu is juicy, super fresh and mouthwatering.

Every burger comes with Honest Burger's special rosemary salted chips... and you get more chips than you can eat = great!  :)

On top of that, you've got the super cool music pumping out non-stop, plus you've got young intelligent Londoners working there who look like they actually enjoy their job... which all makes up a great atmosphere.

You might have to wait a little bit of time to get your meal while the chefs prepare it fresh. So, yes, it's not as quick as McDonald's, but trust me, once you've tried an Honest Burger you will NEVER EVER go back to McDonald's or Burger King - I promise!

When you are a student at SGI, make sure you get a burger here - you will NOT regret it!

History of Honest Burgers

Microsoft Surface: Honest Burger from Peter Lee Scott on Vimeo.


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