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English school Student Social Programme theatre trips in London

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Every week, the SGI Student Social Programme has a trip to a theatre to see a musical or play.

This is organised by teacher, Owen, who is a great lover and supporter of theatre. As he has some connections in London's theatreland, somehow he manages to get incredible discounts for all of the SGI students who want to go and see a show when they are visiting London. Normally, the ticket price for one of the top shows in London's West End costs about £65 and higher. However, Owen organises tickets for the social programme usually for around £25 or lower... and these are some of the best seats in the house!

Owen always tries to select shows that are easy to understand for a non-native speaker audience. So, for all our English learners, you are guaranteed a great night out.

Shakespeare is a different matter though... even British people don't completely understand all of the language! The experience of going to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre south of The River Thames is an experience not to be missed though - it is the true theatre experience, the same as it was back in 16th Century London.


Get the most out of London

It's important to maximise your time when you are in London.... you can sleep when you arrive back home!  :)

After you have been studying English in class all day, it's good to relax in a friendly social atmosphere, but also gently keep on learning  and practising English by speaking to other students and teachers on the social programme activities.  

Watch the video below to find out the upcoming theatre trips for May and also read the descriptions to find out more about each show.


Let It Be

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world’s greatest rock n roll band live in London’s West End!  ‘Let It Be’ is a spectacular theatrical concert packed with forty of The Beatles’ Greatest Hits!  Come back with us to the 1960s when all you needed was love, and a little help from your friends! Tickets would normally be £65 each but we’ve got a special deal -  just £26 each! 

Tue 6 May, 7.30pm



Roald Dahl wrote some of the most famous family books ever written such as ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  Another of his great books was ‘Matilda’ and now it has become one of the biggest smash hit musicals in London and New York.  It tells the story of a sweet little girl who loves to read, and her battles with the most evil teacher ever seen -  Miss Wormwood!  The show is really funny and has great songs.  The children are amazing with their singing and dancing!  Tickets would normally be £65 but for us are just £26! 

Tue 12 May, 7.00pm


Mamma Mia!

Everyone loved the film of Mamma Mia which became the most successful British film ever -  now you’ve got the chance to see the original stage musical!  All the classic Abba songs are here in a sweet and clever story.  A young woman is arranging her wedding on a sunny Greek island but wants to find out which out of three men is really her father.  Great dancing, pure fun, total enjoyment!  Tickets are normally £65 but for us just £26!

Thu 21 May, 7.45pm


Shakespeare's Globe:  The Merchant of Venice

Come and see one of Shakespeare’s most enjoyable plays -  ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at the Globe Theatre.  Performed in a replica of Shakespeare’s original theatre with beautiful traditional costumes and brilliant acting!  We’ll be standing up, directly in front of the stage -  and the tickets are just £7!  Join us for this amazing bargain. 

Wed 27 May, 7.30pm

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