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20 Day English - Day 3: Unusual vocabulary quick quiz

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English strange words and vocabulary test

It's the third day of the SGI 20 Day English challenge - a quick and perfect way to improve your English every day.

How did you do with the Spelling quiz and Email sentences test??

Today we look at vocabulary. Those difficult word sin English that you feel like you kind of know, or you should know what these things are called, but actually you might not be too sure about the exact word/name.

It's one of those moments when you might say, "Oh, how do you say it in English?" or "What's that thing called again?"

In other words, we are giving you the chance to study and learn 10 words today, so that the next time you come across one of these items/things in your daily life, you will shout out "Oh I know what this is called - I learnt it on the SGI vocabulary test!" :)

Good luck with today's English quiz.



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