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20 Day English - Day 1: Spelling difficult words

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Common misspelt words in English 10 question quiz

New Year. New You. New and better English.

Every moment you spend on your education is a moment well spent.

Today we start a new series of short articles - The 20 Day English Challenge. Throughout January, every week day there will be a new quick quiz to boost your English level in just 5 minutes.

We hope this will inspire and motivate you to make learning English a daily habit for you... who knows where it will end? Maybe you will come to London to study English with us in the summer. After all, when you learn English, it opens up the world for you.


DAY 1: Spelling difficult words

With auto-correct and those little red dotted underlining things, there is really no excuse these days for bad spelling. However, you can see wrongly spelt words all the time in all media. 

The spelling test below will help you learn the words that are most commonly spelt incorrectly.

Can you get 100% right at the first attempt?



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