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Halloween Vocabulary - A to Z

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Halloween is the day when the ghosts, spirits, undead, monsters, vampires and werewolves come to life and scare everyone to death!!!


October 31st is the day every year when lots of people dress up in costumes to try to frighten each other.


It is a very common tradition for young children to get dressed up in a costume and to go 'trick or treating' to local houses.


Most people give the children sweets as a treat, but if they don't then the custom is for children to play a trick, like throwing an egg or do something scary to the people.






Watch our video of words that are associated with Halloween, then read the descriptions/definitions below.








Autumn - the season (Spring, Summer and Winter are the other 3) of the year when October 31st happens.


Bat - a small flying animal that people are scared of. Vampires are supposed to turn into bats


Blood - the red liquid that is in your body. Vampires drink blood of other people to survive


Boo - the word that you shout as a surprise when you want to scare someone


Candle - a cylinder of wax that you light with a match. The little flame gives light in the night. People put candles in pumpkins on Halloween


Cemetery - the place where dead people are buried in the ground (also known as ‘graveyard’)


Costume - an outfit that helps you pretend to be something else. People wear scary costumes on Halloween


Dead - the opposite of alive


Devil - the most evil spirit


Evil - bad, wicked, extremely unpleasant, associated with the devil


Fangs - sharp, pointed upper teeth that are used for cutting into flesh. Vampires have long fangs like a wolf


Frightening - making someone afraid


Ghost - a spirit of a person that is dead but can be seen by living people


Haunted - a place that has ghosts in it


Horror - an intense feeling of fear or shock. A horror film will scare the people watching it


Howl - a long sad cry made by a wolf, or a loud cry of pain or fear made by a person




For the words that you see in the video from M to Z, please CLICK HERE FOR PART 2 of Halloween Vocabulary.







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