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Blog AuthorsMax Loach

Max has been in the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry for over 20 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of successfully running a language school. Interesting fact: Before starting his ELT career, Max was involved in performing and teaching music for many years.
Blog AuthorsBren Brennan
Bren joined SGI in 2005. Since 2006, he has been living and teaching abroad, but he returns to teach at SGI London every summer. Bren also writes articles for teachers. Interesting fact: Bren can understand over 48 languages (using Google Translate). Google+ Follow on twitter: @brenbrennan
Blog AuthorsDan Lander
Dan has been at SGI since 2008 and was in Madrid before that. Dan is proud of his cooking skills and has a love of languages, speaking Spanish and also some Swedish. As well as contributing to the Social Program, Dan is a regular teacher of Business English. Interesting fact: Dan is a musician in two different bands as a drummer.
Blog AuthorsNaz Sienkiewicz
Naz is one of SGI’s high fliers! She has been here since 1997 and is the queen of pronunciation teaching and the more advanced teacher training elements. Before joining SGI she spent a long time in the Gulf especially Bahrain. Interesting fact: Naz is known as the guru thanks to her encyclopaedic knowledge of the English language.
Blog AuthorsTommi Muttonen
Tommi’s official title is Business Development Manager, which means he helps tell the world about how great SGI is. He is also the one person in Britain who really knows all the visa rules and regulations! Interesting fact: Although he went to school in England and has basically lived here most of his life, Tommi is in fact Finnish and loves going back on holidays there to do typical things like swimming in lakes and sitting in saunas.
Blog AuthorsJenny
Jenny is a star General English teacher. She loves wearing red and goes everywhere on her motorbike. She originally trained here at SGI back in 2009 and started to work for us a year later. Interesting fact: Jenny is bilingual in French Google+
Blog AuthorsBarney
Barney has been associated with SGI since 2002 but has also lived and taught in Europe and South America. Outside work he enjoys football, English beer and being with friends. Interesting fact: Barney has spent over half his life abroad and so speaks a bit (but not much!) of five different languages.
Blog AuthorsGavin
Blog AuthorsEd Dallal
Ed has been teaching at SGI for over two years now but his real passion is films and film making. Ed is a regular teacher of more advanced classes but also spends a lot of time travelling the world to go to film festivals. Interesting fact: Ed is famous for his beard – imagine a 1970s version of Karl Marx!
Blog AuthorsRoger Park
Roger has been working at SGI for about five years now and specializes particularly in Academic English and teacher training. He’s a lover of music, beer and conversation. Interesting fact: Roger’s varied career has included busking (playing music) on the underground and teaching philosophy at university.
Blog AuthorsCharlie
Charlie trained here at SGI back in January 2009, and honed his teaching skills in both Colombia and Paris before returning to London. He specialises in Business English and one-to-ones, both in the classroom and using skype. Before teaching, Charlie wrote for a consumer magazine and website called Which?, and once sat behind former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the House of Lords for an article he was working on!
Blog AuthorsJemma Gardner
Jem started teaching in Bournemouth in 2007 and moved to Hamburg in 2008, where she works as a freelance teacher in different companies and also as a teacher-trainer. She enjoys teaching all types of English, but especially exam classes. She has plans to cycle to Vietnam one day, but in the meantime she enjoys cycling around northern Germany and doing Power Yoga.
Blog AuthorsPhil Wade
Phil started his EFL career teaching all over the UK and then fled to Asia and Europe in search of more teaching challenges. His latest has found him working on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean where he teaches at university and writes articles and materials. Phil loves teaching and learning having done a PGCE, DELTA and MA and tries to pass on this passion to his students.