Studying in the UK

Before you arrive

Once you have applied for your programme, there will be a lot of things to arrange before you arrive at SGI. Below is a guide to what you need to do before you come to the school.

Before you arrive


  • If necessary, apply for your VISA to study in the UK
  • Apply for student accommodation with SGI or find a room in private accommodation
  • Plan your journey from the airport to your accommodation
  • Gather official documents that you may need while you are here (eg school and medical certificates)
  • Take out travel insurance

What to pack

Many international students ask us what they should pack to come to SGI. The first thing you should check is the weight limit you are permitted to carry on your flight and remember, most things can be purchased when you get here. However, here are some suggestions on what to pack. Please note, during the summer (June-August), the temperature can range from 14-30C and during the winter the temperature can range from 1-10C. The climate in the UK is variable and can be extremely unpredictable, so you will need clothes for cold weather as well as for warmer temperatures.

Essential things to pack

  • Clothing and shoes for all seasons, including comfortable shoes for walking around London and an umbrella!
  • Medication - attach a note from your doctor for medicine
  • Universal power adaptors - necessary for using foreign electrical goods
  • Favourite photos of friends and family, posters and pictures - some items to make you feel at home in your new room.
  • Important school work that will  be useful for your studies here
  • Important documents - also photocopy and scan your plane tickets, passport, visa, birth certificate and home country driving licence if possible

What not to pack

  • Food - there are strict rules for importing food from overseas.

What should I carry in my hand luggage?

  • Valid passport (plus UK student visa) or national card if from EU
  • All correspondence from the school, including your unconditional offer letter and accommodation contract letter
  • Evidence of funding for your tuition fees and living costs, including sponsor letter if applicable
  • Enough money (in pounds sterling) for the first weeks at school
  • Health certificates, including vaccination records, plus X-ray reports if necessary
  • Any insurance documents
  • Any valuable items - but do check with the airline regarding current regulations on hand luggage

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