Studying in the UK

English Writing Course

There are two main types of English writing course popular with our students at SGI. There is the Academic Writing course and then there is the Business Writing course. The academic writing course, as you might expect, mostly attracts students who are intending to study or are currently studying at a British university or further education college. The main need is to improve their ability to write essays of sometimes considerable length.  With academic writing in English, it is important students get better at writing in, what is perhaps best described as, a formal objective way. The use of the passive and objective/scientific vocabulary and phrases, are common features of academic English writing, as is the need for clear structuring of the content from introduction to conclusion.

The business writing course unsurprisingly caters for the ever-increasing number of non-native speakers of English working in companies in London.  Typical common requests are; being able to write both informal and formal e-mails and letters, being able to write clear concise reports and proposals and finally being able to give presentations using effective bullet points and headlining. Unlike the academic focused course the business focused course allows for the use of more idiomatic and informal vocabulary which is typical in British business writing. There is a great emphasis on being ‘punchy’ and persuasive with language whereas academic writing favours a more detached approach.

Both our English writing courses here at St George International Engish school in London, run throughout the year in the evenings.