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London City Guide

London City Guide

SGI's City Guide to London

"Locals and tourists alike are sure to shake the big city blues in London."

Vibrant, lively and happening, London is a place to see as much as it’s a place to be seen! With more history than you can poke a stick at, and cinemas and theatres as far as the eye can see, London is also the perfect city for culture vultures to get their daily dosage of arts and entertainment.


All it takes is a ticket to navigate yourself around the London Underground system, affectionately dubbed ‘the tube.’ In terms of geography, the city’s main feature is the Thames River, which creates a north-south division of the cityscape. In the crowded West End of London, you’ll find the neighbourhoods of Soho, Covent Garden and Fitzrovia, where the school is located, the veritable heart of London! With Oxford Circus, Trafalgar Square and the National Galleries, the British Museum and the University of London all located in this thriving area, it’s little wonder that the West End is a big hit for all visitors. Plus we can’t forget just south of the river we have the South Bank and Southside, home to the London Eye, as well as the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre  just across the Thames from the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral.

Insider’s Tip

Take advantage of the free entry to the permanent collections of some of London’s best-known museums. Anyone and everyone can stroll around the British Museum, the Natural History and Science Museums, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Gallery without offloading any pounds from their pocket! If you’re looking for all that’s cutting-edge cool, head on down to the Barbican Centre for performing arts, film screenings, and classical and contemporary music, theatre and art exhibitions.


Well it’s English, innit? Yet multicultural London is home to over 300 different spoken languages, making it the perfect destination for students wishing to discover a new tongue. From English courses London, French Courses London and Spanish Courses London to Dutch, Hebrew, Italian or Chinese – it’s all on offer in London.