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Whether you want to learn Italian for travelling, business reasons or just for fun, an Italian course at SGI will help you get the most out of your interest in the Italian language.

Italian people are very passionate about everything they do and learning Italian will help you better experience everything this beautiful country has to offer.

At SGI we can offer you a wide range of Italian courses taught by qualified native Italian speaker teachers, in your home or office.


Private Italian Tuition

Private lesson

Private Tuition is a great way to really get to grips with your language objectives and focus on what you want to achieve. We have two private tuition options:

Private Italian Lessons (Flexible Private Tuition)

Intensive Italian course (Intensive and Super Intensive options)



Study Italian abroad

What better way to learn Italian and improve your skills in a foreign language than by spending some time in the country where it is spoken. Students can choose to study Italian abroad.

Read more about study Italian abroad

Our Partner Schools are located in: Florence, Milan, Rome


Italian In-Company Group Courses

SGI has a vast amount of experience in delivering in-company group Italian courses all over the UK. Read more about our Italian In-company group courses


Italian Tips

Good afternoon - Buongiorno.
How are you? - Come sta? (formal) Come stai? (informal)
My name is Andrew - Il mio nome Andrew.
What time is it?- Che ora ?
Where is the nearest bus station? - Dove la stazione dautobus pi vicina?
Where are you from? - Da dove viene? (formal) Da dove vieni? (informal)
Hi beautiful! - Ciao bella / bello!


Italian lesson of the month

Italian lesson

Lezione di lingua italiana del mese

The word "perch"

There is a single word in Italian for "why" and "because", that is "perch". The accent on "perch" as well as on any other word in Italian, tells you that the stress is on that syllable. Accents in Italian are written only to indicate that the stress is on the last syllable (contrary to the majority of words which is stressed on the penultimate syllable). On dictionaries accents are always written on the stressed syllables, but this is not done in common writing.