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SGI offers a wide range of French courses throughout the UK taught exclusively by qualified native speaker teachers. The lessons can take place in your home, office, or at our training centre in London.


Private French Tuition

Private lesson

Private Tuition is a great way to really get to grips with your language objectives and focus on what you want to achieve. We have two private tuition options:

Private French Lessons (Flexible Private Tuition)

Intensive French course (Intensive and Super Intensive options)



Study French abroad

What better way to learn French and improve your skills in a foreign language than by spending some time in the country where it is spoken. Students can choose to study French abroad.

Read more about study French abroad

Our Partner Schools are located in: Montpellier, Nice, Paris, Vichy


French In-Company Group Courses

SGI has a vast amount of experience in delivering in-company group French courses all over the UK. Read more about our French In-company group courses


French Tips

Hello, how are you - Allo, comment vas-tu?
How much does it cost? - Combien ça coute? or Quel est le prix de...?
Where can I take a taxi? - puis-je trouver un taxi?
Thank you – Merci beaucoup
Where can I hire a car? - puis-je louer une voiture?


French lesson of the month

French lesson

Leçon de la semaine

The Verb TO BE (Present Tense)

Être: Le Présent

  Je suis Nous sommes
  Tu es Vous êtes
  Il/Elle/On est Ils/Elles sont



  • Jamal Yacoub est jeune et beau.
  • C’est un excellent percussioniste.

  • Qui est Ronaldinho?
  • C’est un footballeur brésilien.