History of the English Language

David Birch

David Birch

Senior English Teacher and Teacher Trainer

BA Japanese Studies and Linguistics (University of Sheffield ), Cambridge Diploma in TESOL


David has considerable English language teaching and teacher training experience spanning more than 30 years. His current involvement on SGI’s Teacher training programmes covers being a trainer on both the Trinity Certificate and Diploma level courses, including being a course leader on the Certificate course. An area of special interest to David is the teaching of Phonology and Phonetics, in fact he was the main writer of the Phonology module on the original SGI Diploma distance learning course, way back in 1995!

One teaching speciality is Academic English, having taught and planned a full range of these courses at SGI including many for University students. He often teaches Academic English groups at the school and 1-1 courses. 

Interesting fact:

David worked in Japan as a cameraman for a Japanese TV company!