History of the English Language

About St George International

Like many successful enterprises, St George International (SGI) comes from conspicuously humble beginnings, starting life way back in 1962, from a small set of rooms in George Street, within the Marylebone district of Central London. 

The English language, by the early sixties, was starting to establish its global importance and so came the first wave of UK English language schools with SGI among them. It does seem incredible that from an idea to meet a growing demand for English tuition fifty years ago, SGI is now an established global force within the English language teaching world, with overseas branches in India and Italy, as well as numerous partner schools in other parts of the UK and abroad.

There have of course been many twists and turns in the ‘SGI story’ but in terms of lasting impact, British Council accreditation in 1992, following rigorous inspection, perhaps stands out as a pivotal moment in the school’s history. From that moment right up to the present day, SGI has been spurred on to develop and improve its courses and services through the mechanism of inspections by the British Council, and, in more recent times, other august bodies such as the ISI ( since 2012).

From a simple idea fifty years ago, to fifty years later, a global presence within the English language teaching world, welcome to SGI, where you can be sure to have the best English Courses in London. Select from General English and Business English courses, or from IELTS and Academic courses in London! 

Here are ten reasons why you should consider studying English with St George International Language School.

We look forward to seeing you on board! 


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