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  • Business English Writing - Evening Course

Business English Writing - Evening Course

This course is aimed at professional people who wish to write effective Business English.

This very practical course, using a stimulating interactive approach, looks closely at the different types of modern-day business writing you will deal with such as: e-mails, reports, letters, as well as CVs. Typical common requests are; being able to write both informal and formal e-mails and letters, being able to write clear concise reports and proposals and finally being able to give presentations using effective bullet points and headlining.

The course importantly allows for the use of more idiomatic and informal vocabulary which is typical in British business writing. There is a great emphasis on being ‘punchy’ and persuasive with the language. 

Our Business English Writing course at SGI - St George International is run throughout the year in the evenings.

On the course you will focus on:

  • Different writing styles in terms of tone (formal, neutral, informal)
  • Identifying the features that result in effective writing (organisation of a text, clarity etc.)
  • Message functions (apologising, persuading, enquiring etc.)
  • Effective presentation of facts, opinions and recommendations in reports

On completion of the course, besides having a clear idea as to how to write Business English in a well-planned, concise and relevant way, you will also be given model texts for the different types of business writing you will need to do in the future.

Your evening course includes

  • Classroom materials and first course book
  • SGI self-study workbook and study skills guide
  • Free social programme activities
  • Free Academic Advice (by appointment)
  • Welcome Pack
  • Certificate of Progress

Key Features

From £235
Max Group Size 8
Hours Per Week 4 [18:30-20:30]
Duration 4 weeks
Levels Intermediate-Advanced
Minimum age 18
Progress Individual testing & guidance
Course days Mondays & Wednesdays
Start dates25/11/19; 13/01/20; 02/03/20; 04/05/20; 29/06/20; 15/07/20; 07/09/20; 02/11/20

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18:30 - 20:30

Sample Evening Timetable London

 Lesson no.Main area of studyHomework
Week 11)Key phrases. Formality and register in emails  Tone: professionalism, etc.Bring examples of actual work emails and/or reports to next class.
 2)Writing internal emails (to colleagues) asking for information/action.Write an email arranging a meeting. 25 mins.
Week 23)Analysing tables, describing trends. Linking words: (however, in addition, furthermore, etc. ).Exercises from book. 15-20 mins.
 4)Business reports. Passive and active voice.Write a structured business report on topic of choice. 1 hour.
Week 35)Writing complaints. Passive voice.Finish writing complaint started in class. 15 mins.
 6)Review of formality in email. Writing apologies.Common Mistakes' unit from textbook. 0-30 min.
Week 47)Review and recap.-
 8)Writing about career history / Writing and replying to formal invitations-

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Who is this course for?

  • For people living and working in London
  • For non-native speaker who want to improve their English writting in evening time
Elena from Russia

Elena from Russia studied for a full year at SGI. In that time she progressed her level of ...
Elena from Russia