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  • Business English Evening Course

Business English Evening Course

Our Business English Evening course has a very practical focus, with the key objectives being to improve your business communication skills and enable you to speak English more confidently in a work and business environment. 

It is a practical course that aims to:

  • improve your business communication skills in relation to: telephoning, meetings and discussions; presentations
  • expand your business vocabulary
  • develop your business writing skills; e.g e-mail writing, report writing
  • improve your Standard English pronunciation
  • enable you to work successfully in a cross-cultural environment
  • enable you to socialise and network with greater confidence

Based on an interactive approach, students participate in problem-solving tasks, case studies and business simulations such as:

  • presenting your own career, company organisation (where appropriate) and current management issues
  • looking at aspects of a company's business - eg products, services, marketing, finance
  • simulated business telephone calls
  • presenting facts and figures, graphs and describing economic and social trends
  • comparing working habits and cross-cultural issues
  • recruitment practice and procedures


Your evening course includes

  • Classroom materials and first course book
  • SGI self-study workbook and study skills guide
  • Free social programme activities
  • Free Academic Advice (by appointment)
  • Welcome Pack
  • Certificate of Progress

Key Features

From £195 / £305
Max Group Size 10
Hours Per Week 4 [18:30-20:30]
Duration 4/8 weeks
Levels Intermediate-Advanced
Minimum age 18
Progress Individual testing & guidance
Course days Tuesdays & Thursdays
Start dates08/01; 05/02; 05/03; 02/04; 30/04; 28/05; 25/06; 23/07; 20/08; 17/09; 15/10; 12/11

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18:30 - 20:30

Sample Evening Timetable London

Week 1

Lesson 1

  • Business Idioms
  • Introduction to phonemic script


Lesson 2

  • Language of telephoning
  • Complex sounds

Week 2

Lesson 3

  • Telephoning practice
  • Tense, aspect and voice


Lesson 4

  • Telephoning practice
  • Intonation
  • Describing personality

Week 3

Lesson 5

  • Tense Review
  • Emailing


Lesson 6

  • Emailing Expressions
  • Past modals

Week 4

Lesson 7

  • Intonation
  • Emailing practice
  • Past and present modals


Lesson 8

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Future Forms

Week 5

Lesson 9

  • Future Forms and tentative language
  • Presentations


Lesson 10

  • Presentations- introductions, stating your purpose, signposting

Week 6

Lesson 11

  • Presentations- trends, graphs and statistics


Lesson 12

  • Presentations- using your voice

Week 7

Lesson 13

  • Presentations- dealing with questions and problems


Lesson 14

  • Doing presentation

Week 8

Lesson 15

  • Language of meetings


Lesson 16

  • Language of negotiating


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Who is this course for?

  • For people living and working in London
  • Who want to improve their English in evening time
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