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Who is the best James Bond ever?

Bond is back! The world's favourite secret agent will be doing his cold-blooded killing, hard-drinking and womanising in his latest outing, Skyfall, starring of course, Daniel Craig. Most critics rate Sean Connery as the best ever incarnation of Bond - probably because he was the original. But Daniel Craig is certainly giving him a run for his money. But take a look at the stats and then vote in our poll - "Who is the best James Bond ever?" geeks title=  


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Sean Connery is the best one !!!!!
Hi Michela, Emanuela &amp; Filomena! Thanks for your comments. It seems that all Italians love Connery! :) Have you heard me and other SGI teacher, Ben talking about the <a href="http://www.stgeorges.co.uk/blog/rr-24-best-james-bond/" rel="nofollow">best James Bond in our podcast</a>? Ben has definitely got an unusual choice/opinion.
very good
I like Sean Connery because of his class, his charm, his ability to perform, his elegance. As saying he is simply the best!
Sean Connery is certainly the best!!!
Sean Connery is the best one!

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