R&R 29: British Comedy is not ‘Dinner for One’

BRITISH COMEDY_The Office_not_Dinner for One

British native speakers talking about British comedy and how the funny shows that the Brits export are different from the shows that we watch in England

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R&R 28: English Village Life

English conversation podcast - English village life

Have you ever wanted to know what life is like in a small English village? Cottages, helpful neighbours, idyllic childhood – it’s all in this free podcast of natural English conversation between two English teachers.

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Verb Noun collocations: English Butlers are back

Verb noun collocations - English Butlers are back

English Butlers are back in fashion. Read the text to learn more about this trend and study the verb noun collocations.   Verb noun collocations   Here are some of the collocations from the text with extra nouns which you could use to talk about butlers or similar jobs.   Answer + the door/the phone/a [...]

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Past Simple Irregular & Regular Verbs: Queen’s Xmas Speech 2012

Past simple irregular and irregular verbs

Check up on regular & irregular Past simple verb knowledge with the Queen’s Speech. See the video & read full transcript and other English grammar learning

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R&R 26: Northern accent – Xmas day traditions

Northern accent_Xmas day traditions_Turkey with all the trimmings

English teachers talking about their British childhood Xmas day traditions. Free download of mp3. One teacher has northern accent from Lake District, Cumbria.

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R&R 23: Received Pronunciation v South African English

Received Pronunciation Rob & his South African English accent

Rob has a received pronunciation accent & he can do a South African accent as he studies there. Also, the dialectic grammatical and lexical differences between the two are discussed

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Accent reduction: Native Speaker speech pattern copying

Accent Reduction training

Practice sentences for accent reduction training. Copy speech rhythms of a native speaker, RP accent to sound more natural & less like an English student.

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R&R 22: English Accent – Missing England

English accent_Missing England

Listen to a native speaker’s received pronunciation accent in natural conversation & then in the next blog do some exercises to soften your English accent.

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R&R 10: Stereotypes of the English – Natural Chat

Stereotypes of the English

English native-speaker teachers having a natural discussion about general stereotypes of the British. In this ‘Real and Relevant English Conversation’ podcast, you’ve got Melissa Humphreys and Bren Brennan. They have known each other for a long time, so that’s why the conversation is quite lively and jokey In English textbooks, recordings often sound false because [...]

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R&R 9: Native Speaker girl loves books – English Conversation Podcast

English native girl loves books especially Pride and Prejudice

Real and relevant English conversation podcast with 2 native speakers from London. Listen to the famous received pronunciation accent from the UK and find out about the mindset of the Brits. Talk includes favourite books, Arthur Miller, Pride and Prejudice, 100 years of Solitude, film adaptations and traditional books versus e-readers like Kindle. No# 9 in the Real and relevant conversation series.

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