Are celebrities heroes? Listen to English conversation: R&R 42

Listen to English conversation are celibrities heroes

Listen to English to improve vocabulary & grammar. Real English conversation (no script) very different from an English textbook. Listen to natural English from native speakers.

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R&R 41: Does travel broaden the mind? Real English conversation

Does travel broaden the mind?

Two English teachers from London in real English conversation. Is travel good for you? The podcast is definitely great for learning English and improving your vocabulary.

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R&R 40: Listen to English – Christmas in the UK

Christmas in the UK

Listen to English to improve your vocabulary, grammar and listening skills. 2 native-speakers talking in a completely natural way about christmas traditions in the UK. Free podcast available on iTunes, Soundcloud and within the blog

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R&R 39: Men vs Women – Real English debate

Men vs women

Men vs women – the oldest debate. Here, 2 native speakers from London have a natural conversation about gender roles, equality, multi-tasking etc. Listen to the fun discussion between 2 friends.

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Native Speakers of English talking about film and cinema

Native speakers of English in film and cinema conversation

Two native speakers of English (and also two English teachers) talking about film/cinema in a natural conversation to help develop listening skills and improve vocabulary.

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R&R 37: Best food ever – English conversation podcast

English conversation_best food ever

Free podcast of English conversation between 2 native speakers talking about food, allergies and ‘having a sweet tooth’. Real conversation – unplanned, unscripted and relevant language to improve your vocabulary and listening skills.

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English Conversation Podcast 36: London Restaurants

London Restaurants English conversation

Free English conversation podcast (also available on iTunes) with two British natives talking about food and restaurants in London. Genuine conversation with no planning or editing

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English conversation 35: Is it art?

English conversation_Is it art

English conversation podcast between two British English native speakers. Real conversation without script or preparation. Subject – modern art. Improve English Listening Skills and vocabulary.

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R&R 34: Phone manners in London

Josh_Round_Phone manners

How do people use their phones, tablets, kindles and other tech in London. Listen to 2 native speakers giving the lowdown on phone manners in the UK capital.

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R&R 33: English stereotypes from abroad

English stereotypes from abroad

What are the English stereotypes that people have from abroad? Two English teachers (in real, unplanned conversation) that have lived abroad discuss what generalisations that foreigners think about when they think of England.

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