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Learn English songs - videos with subtitles

A great way to improve your vocabulary and become more confident with the language is to learn English songs. Learning the words (or song 'lyrics') to your favourite tune is a cool way to learn because you won't really feel like you are studying. It's something that the English teachers recommend to SGI students for self-study homework... for the obvious reasons that people actually like doing it. :)   Learn Enlglish songs - videos with subtitlesWhy not learn the lyrics to an old classic that you KIND of know, but don't REALLY know ALL the lyrics to? Or get all the vocabulary from your latest new favourite and sing-a-long to it when you are travelling to work/school.   It's such a great studying tactic, because singing songs is motivating and you can do it in 5 minutes of learning everyday - which is the ideal way to learn for busy people! In addition, you can find almost any popular song on youtube with the lyrics as subtitles - it's all free. If you can't find your song with subtitles on youtube, then just google 'your song title that you want to learn' LYRICS.... you will definitely find all the words written out for you somewhere on the internet - even the most obscure songs. Here are 3 songs to get you started today... WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SONG IN ENGLISH THAT YOU WOULD LOVE TO LEARN ALL THE LYRICS TO? Let us know in a comment below    

Old classic rock song - The Eagles: Hotel California



English song from the 80s - Sinead O'Connor: Nothing Compares to You



New-ish English pop song - One Direction: Story of my life



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